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Your Social Media Sites Are Dripping!

Communication is one part of life that will always be. We communicate in ways we don’t realize online. You can: like, share, poke, tweet, @mention, direct message, post, comment, re-tweet, blog, +1, tumble, flicker, Instagram, block, email, update status, invite, group...
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The Importance of Co-Branding your Newsletters!

Your Transformer Marketing Program is all about building your brand and creating a cohesive program across all of  your sites. When consumers come and visit your sites we want them to connect the sites and associate them to your brand, as one...
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What You Should Know About Our Happy Customer Program

                     Happy Customer is Insomis’s patent pending process and intellectual property, designed to help you with customer testimonials and referrals in a seamless matter.  This program will become an extension of...
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Property/Casualty Strategies for 2012!

  The economy has hit hard in every aspect and is leaving insurance buyers questioning their policy costs, causing agents to re-evaluate their sales tactics. Despite the current economic state, there are steps insurers can take to better understand the...
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