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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Managed Social Marketing

PRODUCTS Transformer Marketing is an all-inclusive marketing platform that combines the most powerful online media channels into one focused, fully managed resource for your business: Website Design – SEO optimized, enhancing your professional image. Managed Content Creation – Produced by an experienced team of insurance...
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How your Client database can speed your growth

Another tip from Transformer Marketing: Sending us your client database WITH policy expiration dates can help you in a big way! We can help you with RETENTION. Our email blast tool can be used to create a “Stay with us”...
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Happy Customer Program

From Transformer Marketing…   If you currently have a Happy Customer Program in effect, PLEASE ADD the link to your Outlook Signature. All your Producers and other staff should carry the Happy Customer image and link to the survey in...
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Testimonials are Key to Success

Ever been to the dentist’s office, accountant or another professional office and noticed all the magazines and other reading material?           Here’s an idea…why don’t you put a nice looking album/book together that showcases all  your...
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