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Another Happy Transformer Marketing Member

Insurance Solutions
Tony Alessandria (Insurance Solutions, CA) is a pioneer when it comes to online branding for his agency. When he teamed with IMMS’ Active Online Marketing (AOM) program in 2010, Tony already had a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. He also had a decent following on his blog.

IMMS took control of Tony’s online brand and expanded on it geometrically; Insurance Solutions now has more than 4,000 connections online. When Insurance Solutions hosted their first promotion, they garnered more than 100 sales opportunities resulting in improved customer relations and exposure to new demographics. IMMS’s 360 Review page allows clients and future clients to review the agency and share their experiences.

Insurance Solution’s relationship with Transformer Marketing means that the agency can leave their social media activities in the trusted hands of a professional team, leaving them to address the needs of their growing clientele. And with the introduction of the exclusive programs available with Transformer Select, Tony receives an impressive flow of leads (40 per month) to close.

“58 online Testimonials and reviews in two weeks! It took three years to gather as many before our Happy Customer program.”

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