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Transformer Marketing, CA. William HardWilliam Hard, Sr. Social Media Specialist

I have over 25 years of marketing experience stretching from wholesale to retail, brick and mortar to e-commerce. 

I have been in the ever-changing technology world for over 25 years, taking my talents to further my sales and marketing career.  My constant research gives me the edge in all the latest social media platforms.  I had an epiphany in 2009.  Stop working so hard to find your business, rather let social media do the marketing for you.  I came to the Transformer Marketing team in April 2012 and have been perfecting the social media campaigns for our clients ever since.

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Transformer Marketing, CA, Denise LongDenise Long, Assistant

I love my job because it is always changing—social media is an amazing area.  I help find our member’s clients on Facebook, LinkedIn, &  Twitter.  I also post blogs to all three of a member’s accounts,  check to make sure that links work correctly and manage the comments on all the social media sites.

I joined the Transformer Marketing team March of 2013 working part-time until June of 2013, when I was asked to come on full-time!

I love to sing at karaoke, play pool, hiking, biking, swimming, and reading.

 You can reach Denise at

Transformer Marketing, California

Transformer Marketing is the most powerful integrated marketing system in the world, and the only company that has unlocked the massive social networking revenue potential for YOUR business!

Retain your clients, and create a fertile strategy for a steady stream of referrals.

  • Content Creation and Deployment – YOUR online presence fully managed by professionals with 35+ years of insurance, marketing, and technology experience. Professionally produced content for your Web site, Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – generated and managed for you.
  • Referrals, Testimonials, Leads, Revenue – Demonstrable sales opportunities through social media promotions: Integrated Survey and Promotional Platforms plus Email Marketing to empower your social media.
  • Automated solutions to generate conversation and testimonials from your clients with no effort on your part (or theirs!)
  • Coaching, Accounting, Reporting – Scheduled reviews of program metrics, feedback, and coaching to ‘transform’ your business – with as much or as little technology infrastructure as you require.

And the best thing about the program?

We do it all for you!

A completely Integrated Online Marketing Solution … Actively managed for you.

Transformer Marketing is nationwide and international!

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