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U.S.Drivers Turn To the Internet To Find Coverage


May 2, 2012

Report shows that more consumers favor switching carriers over purchasing new policies

J.D. Power and Associates, a global marketing information service, has released a new report that shows a sharp decline in the number of people purchasing Auto insurance in theU.S. The report shows that the number of car owners who are purchasing new insurance policies is diminishing. However, these drivers are switching insurance carriers at a higher rate. The report draws upon data collected by J.D. Power through a recent survey of U.S. Auto insurance consumers.

Many drivers seek out insurance coverage online

According to the report, a large portion of consumers have stopped shopping around for Auto insurance coverage. Of these, 43% claim to have switched carriers last year, up from the 40% seen in 2010. Nearly one in three of consumers who shopped around for insurance did so online. Approximately 40% of these people noted that they were more likely to purchase Auto insurance coverage online,e rather than through other means. The report does not reference the reasons behind the trend.

Report highlights spending and customer satisfaction

The trend seems to defy efforts from major Auto insurance companies, who have launched aggressive and costly marketing campaigns in an attempt to attract new business. The J.D. Power report suggests that the overall spending on advertising from the country’s largest Auto insurers jumped by 12% in 2011. Many consumers have responded well to the marketing efforts from these companies, but many more have remained unaffected. Satisfaction might be a factor, according to the report






Most Workeras Lack Disability Insurance

by The New York Times
May 01,2012


Two-thirds of Americans who work in the private sector lack Disability insurance, even though most workers say missing work for three months or more because of sickness or injury would cause “financial hardship,” a new survey finds.

The survey was conducted for the Consumer Federation of America, a nonprofit coalition of consumer groups that supports expansion of employer-provided Disability insurance, and Unum, which sells disability and other types of employer-provided insurance.

The Opinion Research Corporation polled nearly 1,200 adult workers by telephone in late March and early April. The survey’s margin of sampling error is plus or minus three percentage points.

Stephen Brobeck, the federation’s executive director, said consumers would be well served if all employers offered workers the chance to buy Disability insurance, as a way to provide a financial safety net for working Americans. Disability insurance “complements and supplements” other programs, like workers’ compensation and Social Security disability insurance, which are insufficient by themselves, he said.

“Workers need better protection,” he said during a conference call with reporters about the survey.

Workers Compensation coverage is important, he said, but it’s available only for workers who become ill or injured on the job — and most illnesses or injuries causing work loss occur outside the workplace. And Social Security disability benefits are typically minimal — about $1,100 a month on average.

Disability insurance, meanwhile, pays for lost income caused by injury or illness suffered away from work. (Short-term Disability insurance generally covers periods of about three months up to a year, while long-term disability insurance covers more extended absences, according to Unum’s Web site).

Depending on the details of the disability plan, payments can begin as soon as one week after the employee stops working and cover about 60% of his or her wages or salary.

According to statistics from the Council of Disability Awareness cited by the report, 90% of all disability claims are for common illnesses and health conditions, rather than from injuries. According to the Society of Actuaries, once someone is disabled for 90 days, the average length of disability is two years.

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