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Frank Riddle
Frank Riddle is a Life Advisor who specializes in Annuities for his clients in Orange County, CA. With more than 30 years of experience, his clientele list boasts many high net-worth individuals in his community and surrounding areas.

Frank came to MVP Insurance Marketing and Transformer Marketing when he realized that the “same old way” of marketing his services wasn’t working. He had no experience in social media, or how to get it started. Transformer Marketing created Frank’s social identities on Facebook, LinkedIn and a blog, updated daily. In just a few months he attracted more than 800 connections and created an online brand. Frank receives sales opportunities from those sites, and Transformer Marketing manages the correspondence for him.  He hosted an iPad promotion in May 2011, which brought him significant new business in just two months. Riddle trusts no one but Transformer Marketing to manage his social media.

“I just passed my one year anniversary with my Active Online Marketing program. I receive top-notch customer service, and my dedicated team has connected me with more than 2,400 people via several popular social networking sites! The Transformer Marketing team has dedicated their time and efforts to making my marketing program successful for my agency by bringing fresh and relevant information to my clients and prospects. I think in an era that revolves around technology, it is important to trust your reputation with only those who have the skill and innovative know-how to represent you in a way that harnesses the power of social media. Transformer Marketing has delivered new business and revenue to my agency.”

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