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QR Codes


Have you ever seen this image…







Do you know what that is? It’s called an QR code, or Quick Response Code. This was first introduced by the Automotive industry, Toyota to be exact.


With smart phones acting as barcode scanners  nowadays, you can point your phone to one of these codes and be sent to a website.




So,  why not place this code on your agency website, business card, newsletter, a t shirt or bumper sticker? You can have it point to your Blog, your Quote Pages or your iPad3 Promotion!




Will your customers use them?


Today, few may use them, but those that do will certainly appreciate your tech knowledge, and those that don’t will certainly be inquisitive, which may open the door for conversation and a potential sale. Those that do use QR codes will definitely have a high tech know-how and may be more receptive to your presence on the web, your Twitter presence, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.






Ask your Coordinator for more about this awesome marketing tool. Have a great weekend.



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