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Social Media Study of How Wholesales and Carriers use Social Media

Transformer MarketingAs seen in: Novarica Insurance Technology Research Council July 2012

We know that in today’s age, social media plays a great role in communication strategies of insurers. In the Report that the Novarica Insurance Technology Council put out in July 2012, it provides the 6 ways that Insurers supports their Independent Agents social media efforts and 4 recommendations to ensure they have the best advantage on social media communications. They surveyed 82 Insurers that write thorough Independent Insurance Agencies and 150 Independent Agents for the data in this study.

The report showed that there are 6 major ways that carriers can  help support independent agents:

  1. Inform:  make sure that you include social media in general marketing support to help build an online presence to consumers.
  2. Instruct: Make sure that you provide instruction in social media so that you have guidelines as to what you will allow other agents in your agency to use social media.
  3. Include: Include your agents in your social media activity so that they can not only feel included but to help them be apart of your online community.
  4. Content: Provide content that is updated on your social media sites on a regular basis.
  5. Capabilities: By creating sales oriented applications that allow you to stay in touch with policy holders on a regular basis and constant basis.
  6. Strategic Partnership: Starting practices like involving agents in overall strategies in regards to development of your current and new technologies for your agencies business can help spark new ideas on where you what you would like to do next.

The report also included 4 recommendations that agents should include in their practices as well: 

  1. Producer Relationship Management: understand and support any of your producers that are taking the opportunity to use social media to reach out to policy holders, prospects, and incorporate communication with underwriters.
  2. Marketing: Work with your marketing departments to develop ideas for content and marketing strategies to use on social media. 
  3. Underwriting: Train your underwriters and marketing teams on how they should engage with agents on social media and what is appropriate content. 
  4. Policy development focused on supporting distribution, not just managing risk: develop policies regarding use of social media by marketing and distribution staff. The policies should be focused on building and supporting relationships and avoiding compliance risks. 

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