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Karla Leonard-Davis, IMI Asset Management Company CA

“I just learned that it would cost me around $4k a month to hire 3 separate professionals to manage my social media, blog and email marketing programs on a full time basis. I can’t believe it! When I signed up with Transformer Marketing, I cut that down to $300.00 a month (for the Essentials package) and I only talk to one expert who provides all the same services. Thank goodness for my team at Transformer Marketing!”

Kim Beach, Rodgers & Associates Insurance KS

“I simply don’t have the time to learn all there is about social media marketing, blog marketing and the rest. I knew I needed a presence online and needed help quick. Transformer Marketing did just that. They got me up and running and have helped me engage with my clients in a solid and smart manner.”

Bill Jordan, The Jordan Group, Highland Capital Brokerage MD

“We have just passed our one year anniversary with Transformer Marketing, and we have received top-notch customer service since day one! My dedicated team of marketing professionals has connected me with over half of my clientele. They have also engaged with an additional 500+ prospects via popular social networks! This program focuses on one cohesive message across all of my sites. My TM program also supports what we do in- office and appeals to all targeted audiences. My team also drives consistent communication within my social community and through those efforts, I have been able to set professional meetings through LinkedIn. My Transformer Marketing Program is a well-oiled machine. “

Jim Swanson, Swanson Insurance, CA
“All I wanted was someone to create a solid social media program that met my goals and did all my marketing for me. Transformer Marketing was just the thing.”

Ideal Insurance, AZ
“We partnered with Transformer Marketing in April of 2012 and had little experience with social networking. We are pleasantly surprised by the results that our Transformer Marketing program has brought to our agency. The TM Team designed a custom program that fits our needs and places our branding in relevant areas across the net. We are happy to be part of this venture and look forward to solidifying our relationships with our clients using this latest marketing method.”

Gates-Cole Insurance, NY
“I enjoy the relationship I have with my Transformer Marketing team. The follow up is excellent and I am having a blast. Transformer Marketing has helped me further my online marketing goals and achieve greater Reach and Relevance via the various social channels my program spotlights. I am pleased with the results so far and look forward to more client interaction online.” 

Chad Luitwieler, Agent/Branch Owner,TWFG Insurance Services
“I partnered with Transformer Marketing in March, 2012. Within two weeks of my social media accounts being active I received two Sales Opportunities directly from their efforts. After calling both prospects,  I wrote a policy that was significant to my agency. I am already seeing the ROI! I am pleased with the Transformer Marketing program that was designed especially for me and look forward to a long run with my TM team!”

Tony and Mike Scurich, Scurich Insurance, CA
“We were excited to begin social media networking with the assistance of the Transformer Marketing team.  Our Happy Customer Program has proven to be incredibly successful — producing nine new testimonials in one day, for a total of 14 sales opportunities.  This accomplishment has expanded Scurich Insurance’s social media networks exponentially.  We appreciate the support!”

Frank Riddle, CA
“I just passed my one year anniversary with my Active Online Marketing program. I receive top-notch customer service, and my dedicated team has connected me with more than 2,400 people via several popular social networking sites! The Transformer Marketing team has dedicated their time and efforts to making my marketing program successful for my agency by bringing fresh and relevant information to my clients and prospects. I think in an era that revolves around technology, it is important to trust your reputation with only those who have the skill and innovative know-how to represent you in a way that harnesses the power of social media. Transformer Marketing has delivered new business and revenue to my agency.”

Tony Alessandra Insurance Solutions
“58 online Testimonials and reviews in two weeks! It took three years to gather as many before our Happy Customer program.”

Campbell and Boyd
“Sales calls are so much easier because the prospect already knows us.”

Scolinos & Lawton Asset Protection
“Wow! Nine sales opportunities in first three days of a new promotion. I don’t know how the folks at Transformer Marketing do it, and I don’t particular care. I’m getting the results that matter! “Of all of the marketing activities that we have tried, by far, Transformer Marketing has exceeded our expectations, especially where it counts: Our bottom line. “I read the news. The marketplace is changing. It is so great to know that I don’t have to stay on top of every new development and nuance – that’s what my team of Transformer Marketing staff is for! They are innovative and creative, consistent and conscientious, and most importantly, they KNOW my business. This leaves me to do what I do best: Make sure that my clients’ assets are protected! “Happy? Undoubtedly. Repeat customer? You bet. 


Transformer Marketing, California

Transformer Marketing is the most powerful integrated marketing system in the world, and the only company that has unlocked the massive social networking revenue potential for YOUR business!

Retain your clients, and create a fertile strategy for a steady stream of referrals.

  • Content Creation and Deployment – YOUR online presence fully managed by professionals with 35+ years of insurance, marketing, and technology experience. Professionally produced content for your Web site, Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – generated and managed for you.
  • Referrals, Testimonials, Leads, Revenue – Demonstrable sales opportunities through social media promotions: Integrated Survey and Promotional Platforms plus Email Marketing to empower your social media.
    Automated solutions to generate conversation and testimonials from your clients with no effort on your part (or theirs!)
  • Coaching, Accounting, Reporting – Scheduled reviews of program metrics, feedback, and coaching to ‘transform’ your business – with as much or as little technology infrastructure as you require.

And the best thing about the program?

We do it all for you!

A completely Integrated Online Marketing Solution … Actively managed for you.

Transformer Marketing is nationwide and international!

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