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Why You Should have analytics for your agency website

Transformer Marketing All of us at Transformer Marketing understand the importance of having the proper analytics on your Website and Blog. If you have not planned for proper analytics/measuring of your agency website, please allow us to help. Here are a couple of the key areas for you to consider.

Why Should you measure your site? 

  • Measurement is the key to understanding what is profitable to your agency’s GROWTH!
  • To know if its making YOU and your agency profitable!
  • Because you can’t manage what you’re not measuring!

To Mention A Few Features: 

  • Measure which marketing initiatives are most effective?
  • How can my website convert more visitors into customers?
  • What are accurate traffic patterns/trends on my Website?
  • Where are my visitors coming from and what do they do on my site?

Final Thoughts 

  • Don’t put too much sales pressure on your Web & Social Properties
  • What content will your audience “share” and help you feed the long-range funnel 
  • What content will help you Up-sell, Cross-sell, and drive Recommendations/Referrals/eWord-of-Mouth 
  • Ask and you shall Receive 
  • Social Tech is not necessarily all about Sales, but also retention, loyalty, speaking engagements and recognized expert status, shorter sales cycles, higher profits and lower cost of sales (sometimes just getting in the door)

Talk to  your Coordinator or any of the helpful and friendly Transformer Marketing Coordinators for more details and we can help you get started! Your social media sites and blog are all supporting your website. So having the best analytics of your website will complete the loop. We will work with your webmaster to improve your site’s SEO.

Remember, we already have analytics for the sites that we manage for you: your Blog, Facebook. LinkedIn and Twitter… we do not track your agency website unless we have designed that site for you!

Your identity and branding are our primary focus and we strive to help you leverage your Transformer Marketing program! Talk soon.

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