Revenue, Retention, and Referrals


We would like you to meet Adrian Holloway

Adrian Holloway (Founder, President & CEO)
Adrian is a technocrat that has lived and worked in different parts of the world. With a problem solving mindset and a practical approach to real-world problems he has led large solution building teams for more than 15 years. Adrian has held high profile CTO/CIO positions before deciding to branch out on his own. Throughout his professional career, Adrian has built a reputation for:

  • Developing technology to solve strategic business problems.
  • Delivering tangible ROI to solution adopters.
  • Restructuring IT departments for higher efficiency and risk management.
  • Refining and implementing a company’s Technology vision, dovetailing technology with business agendas.

In 2007, Adrian co-founded INSOMIS Corp and acquired IMMS – a 35 year old industry leading marketing services provider for the Independent Insurance Industry. In 2009, INSOMIS absorbed MVP Insurance Marketing, Inc a well known Los Angeles based life general agency as part of the strategy to bring ‘Life to Property/Casualty’.

Since 2007, Adrian and INSOMIS have been leading the transformation of marketing services in the insurance industry – bringing Social Networking, Online Marketing and other leading edge marketing approaches to all of IMMS and MVP customers under the strategy that INSOMIS calls R3 – Revenues, Retention and Referrals.

Adrian holds a Masters diploma in software engineering. His various interests include tennis, skiing, reading and music.

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