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California Drivers Will be Able to Text With Restrictions

As seen in: 7/17/2012

Starting January 1st, California drivers will be allowed to send, dictate, and listen to text messages while they are driving as long as they are driving as long as they are using voice activated devices attached to a cellphone via Bluetooth earpiece, headset, or a program inside your vehicle like OnStar.

This bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown is Sponsored by California Assemblyman Jeff Miller and it allows Californians to text while driving sense it was outlawed over 3 years ago. There have been some confusion though regarding the specific types of devices that will be allowed to be used, specifically whether or not the use of Apple’s voice-activated Siri will be allowed and covered by the law.

The California Highway Patrol has been quoted say that anyone who is caught turning on a cellphone or selecting a hands free text app will still be ticked accordingly. So as long as you can text with out having to hold or touch you cellphone, starting January 1, 2013 you can text while you are driving in California.

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