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Do you have Zombies in your workplace

As seen in: 7/13/2012 by: Kate Rogers

While the one place that it would seem to be the most unlikely to have zombies or “the walking dead” is at your workplace, it is among the most common place to find them. Zombie workers are those that actually  do not fit into your place of business because they do not take a real interest in your company and instead they just go through the motions of the job day to day with no passion or with out the right skills necessary for the job.

These zombie workers can be someone who is not motivated, lacking the proper skills, and they have a tendency to spend their time bad mouthing the company. Here are a couple of tips of how to keep “the walking dead out of your workplace.

  1. Freelance someone first: If the opportunity to comes up to hire someone, run a test to see how they fit in with your team and pay them hourly so that you can you can save yourself from hiring and training the wrong person.
  2. Train properly: Getting the person all the tools that they will need to be an asset to your company will save you the time from having an unsuccessful worker so that you can give your new worker the opportunity to hit the ground running.
  3. Don’t skip the reference process: Although it is common to skip over the reference portion of the hire process, doing something small like looking at an applicants social media accounts to see what the person does and does not say can give some useful information.

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