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Do We Do Your Email Blast Marketing?

Dear Transformer Marketing Member,

If you  have been provided access to our Online Email Delivery System, don’t let that tool go to waste!

That tool can provide the following data for your agency:

  1. Which email blasts are more popular with your clients or prospects?
  2. Which email blasts have yielded the most clicks?
  3. Are you sending too many emails or not enough emails?
  4. Is there a need for a more robust email marketing schedule?
  5. What was the most popular link appearing on any given email blast?
  6. Do I have a Call to Action on all my email blasts?


You can export the results of your email blast into an Excel document that will allow you to:

  1. Call those who clicked on the email and conduct an impromptu sales call
  2. Craft follow up emails to only those who clicked
  3. Craft a follow up for those who did not receive or view


Did You know that we provide access to our National Database for an extra monthly fee? We have over 6 million records for double opt- in emails for Consumers, Home owners, Business Owners and more…all in your state!  Please meet with your Transformer Marketing Coordinator today to discuss your email campaign with us. Let’s make the most of this powerful tool together!



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