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How You Can Improve Engagement on Facebook

As seen In: 9/19/2012 By Andrea Vahl

Do you every wonder why you do not have amount of engagement that you would like on your Facebook. There are specific things that you can do to not only help you improve the amount of engagement on your Facebook but improve your Facebook experience in general.

Get Personal: While it is important to have consistent posts on your Facebook, you should also include posts about your personal life as well. The people that you are connected with are going to want to know to get to know you so that they can relate to you and your agency.

Use Pictures: The use of pictures are a very important and valuable tool on Facebook. In general they take up more room on your News Feed and have the ability to get you more engagement then a written post would.

Run a Contest: This can not only boost the amount of engagement on your page but increase your growth as well.

Have Fun: Using humor is a good way to get to more interaction from people that you are connected with because if you can entertain the people you are connected with, you can also get more shares, comments and likes.

Showcase a Cause: Most of the pages on Facebook have a cause that they either showcased or supported through their own Foundation or by events that they run themselves.  You can help benefit a cause by running an event and featuring that event/cause on your Cover Photo.

Use Facebook’s Features: Using features available such as apps can help not only enhance your page but increase the engagement with those you are connected to.

Consider Using Your Personal Profile: If you have a personal profile then use it because to help with your marketing. You can use it to show your personality and share news about your business.

Crowd Source Your Content: You can create an app that will allow a person to submit a story or content to be published on your page. This will allow you to look through the different entries and choose on to be featured on your page.

Love Your Fans: Embrace your community and do so in a creative way that shows how much the Fans on your Page mean to you. Doing things like making sure that you respond to posts that are positive and negative and will allow you to show your connections the excellent level of customer service that you have and will allow your Brand to stay strong within your community as well.

All of our helpful and friendly Coordinators at Transformer Marketing, wants your Facebook Fan Page to have the level of engagement it deserves. Contact any of Coordinators to learn more about what you can do to improve the level of Engagement on your Facebook.

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