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Inside Social Media’s Black Market

As seen in: 8/9/2012 By David Mielach

There has been some research done recently regarding black market dealings with the buying and selling of fake social media followers/accounts and the total impact that this will have on social media. In one study that was done by Barracuda Labs found at least 20 different fake social media accounts on eBay and that 58 of the top search results for “Buy Twitter Followers” were people selling fake accounts over a time period for the past 6 months. Even though this is still a new topic being conversed about since Facebook announced that over 83 million accounts on the site were fake accounts.

The biggest outcome that can come from this is a loss of trust in social media and which can cause the company to lessen the value of using social media for their business. There are ways to spot “fake accounts” and your Transformer Marketing Coordinator can answer any questions that you may have regarding this.

Contact any of our helpful and friendly Coordinators at Transformer Marketing with any questions you may have about your Social Media Accounts or what you can do to prevent your accounts from being over loaded with “Fake Followers.”

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