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New Feature For Transformer Marketing Members

Transformer Marketing We are launching a new feature for your Transformer Marketing Program! We would like to send you exclusive Sales Opportunities for the state you do business in.

Our CompleteMarkets website, designed for the Insurance Professional to search for markets, has been attracting consumers looking for insurance coverage. With over 10,000 active users in its first month of release, we are delivering several daily Sales Opportunities to our partners, like you.

We have had to designate a NEW consumer- search page in which the consumer will be able to search for an Insurance Professional in their state. The consumer will only be able to submit their information to one agency at a time, so all of these leads will be exclusive to your agency.

Our Transformer Marketing Members will be listed at the top of the search results pages. In order to ensure your agency has a higher chance of being selected for these exclusive leads, we are requesting some additional information from you.

Please provide the states you wish to receive these leads (99% of these leads are commercial)

  • And  specific contact information  for each state
    • State:
    • Name:
    • Email:
    • Business Address:
    • Contact Phone Number:

Contact your Transformer Marketing Coordinator or contact any of our helpful and friendly coordinators today with any questions regarding Complete Markets or the new exclusive Sales Opportunities feature being offered.


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