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The Many Different Types of Marketing Available

As seen in: 11/5/2009

In today’s world, there are numerous different forms of marketing that any particular company has the opportunity to explore for their business. While it is true that you can do traditional marketing like you might have been doing for quite a while now, knowing that the internet plays such a tremendous roles in the lives of people can open you up to multiple types of marketing that you might have not known about.

Internet Marketing: Internet Marketing is simply any type of marketing that takes place online and includes numerous different forms such as: video advertisements, search engine marketing and email marketing. You will need to remember that your Internet Marketing will need a good design, development, and advertising in order for it to be successful.

Offline Marketing: Offline Marketing would be the opposite of Internet Marketing and would include the different forms of marketing off of the internet.

Outbound Marketing: Outbound Marketing is also considered to be traditional marketing and can include any marketing efforts your company uses to introduce a product or service to someone who is not looking for it.

Inbound Marketing: Inbound Marketing would be any marketing efforts that has a focus of having customers find you.

Newsletter Marketing: Newsletter and Email Marketing are efforts to promote your company through emails that convey a set message to a particular target of people before sending.

Niche Marketing: Niche Marketing is when a company focuses their efforts on a specific product or service that is not currently being supplied to a specific portion of the market. This is a successful type of target marketing because the “marketer” identifies a specific need that is not currently being addressed or supplied to the market.

Drip Marketing: Drip Marketing is when a company sends out scheduled targeted emails over a set period of time that also has a targeted conversation for clients. Typically an email marketing software is used to set up these email campaigns out to drip out to a set data base over a specific time period.

Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing and campaigns can provide your business an opportunity to not only market a particular product or service through one of the many different Social Media outlets available, but to also market t=your customer service and sales to your customers and begin having conversations with your customers on a regular basis.

These are just of few of the many different types of marketing available in today’s world. Can you spot any of the above types of marketing that your Transformer Marketing Coordinator uses for your Program with us? Contact any of our helpful and friendly coordinators with any questions regarding what  ways your agency can be successfully marketed within today’s world.

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