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Lunch and Learn

Have you ever considered hosting a mini seminar for your clients? I use to attend a Lunch N Learn when I was selling real estate. I showed up at a nice local restaurant, met some other agents and learned some new and very helpful things about my marketplace. It cost me nothing but an hour of my time and gas to get there. I know that the host gained new business (because I bought all their tools and gadgets every time I attended) and they gained referrals (because I dragged my realtor friends from the office with me who also bought all the gadgets) every time they did this event. It was a win-win kind of thing.

Would this work for you? What if you invited your clients to a local spot where they could learn about Obamacare or how to insure their new home- based business? It would cost them nothing, you would engage with your clients and what a way to get some referral business!

Think about what your clients need and the information you can provide. We will take care of promoting the event on your social sites, dedicated blog and email at no extra cost.

You will need to create a brief (hour or so) presentation and of course pay for soda and sandwiches. A minimum of 10 attendees is required. We can follow up with the attendees online and query their further interest and needs. You could video a quick Thank You message to attendees and we will deliver it for you…and/or you could video the initial invite and we can use that as an attention grabber for filling seats.

If you did this every month and rotated your material to match your clients’ challenges, you could have something quite unique! Any clients who bring a friend get free cake too LOL.

If you want to develop this further, talk to your Coordinator. By the way, this could also be done online via a webinar (but it does not have the same personal impact).

Talk soon.

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