Revenue, Retention, and Referrals

Social Media

Getting your ROI on?

Hello TM Member, let’s do a reality check and crash course…Are you using all key areas of your TM program?

(1)    Social Media- are you also posting and commenting at least once a week on FB, LI or Twitter (for Professional packages only), in addition to what we are doing? This will create credibility and further reach to your social community. Examples of successful items to post: Office party photos, photos of clients, Birthdays and Anniversaries of producers and staff, fundraisers and other events at the office, jokes and recipes, Inspirational quotes, carrier updates and rate increases. Anything that is personal, informative or fun. From your point of view!

  1. 76% of shoppers are looking online for a local provider
  2. Internet users spend 3x more minutes on blogs and social networks than on video games or watching TV
  3. Social media use in the US has increased 356 since 2006
  4. Our most successful programs have items posted daily that keep the social sites active and alive

(2)    Blogging –Are you discussing the blog content and schedule with your Coordinator to be sure we are representing your agency and addressing your goals successfully?

  1. Blog frequency and content impacts customer acquisition
  2. Most people read at least 3 blogs a day
  3. More money is being spent on blogging than print ads
  4. Our standard topics are Education, Locality and Personality..but we are open to what you prefer and want

(3)    Email Marketing- Are you sending at least 3 different emails each month to your clients? To your prospects? We have at least 9 email options to choose from for creating  a healthy email campaign. We can create any campaign you like. Our most popular email blasts are Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and Product education/updates, 3 Most Popular Blog Articles. Bright and large images are a must as well as clear and brief text. We run everything through a spam filter first.

  1. 27% of emails were read on a mobile device in 2011
  2. Morning emails get the highest delivery, Tuesday even better
  3. The fresher your database of client emails, the better your reach
  4. The more consistent your messaging, the more readers we gain… who are also “sneezers” they spread the word LOL

(4)    Leads- Are you following -up on the Touchpoints we send you ( from social sites, blog, email responses, etc.)? Are you calling Complete Market leads (if applicable)? This is the low hanging fruit. Happy Customer and Promotion programs are available when we meet certain benchmarks. These tools are a fast way to gain attention/referrals from your clientele and bolster your interaction with prospects.

  1. 80% of Happy Customer participants gave a positive testimonial AND asked the agency to call them for a referral =new business
  2. 40% of Promotion participants asked the agency to call them for an apt to discuss need=new business



75% of our clients tell us that they measure success by the amount of client referrals/leads we can generate. We all know the best lead is a referral from an existing customer. That is our focus. We have members winning new business when all areas above are being utilized in an organized fashion. Your coordinator is trained to analyze your needs and create the best program for you. Let’s go for it.


Please take the time to talk about the points above with your Coordinator and make certain you are satisfied with our efforts.

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