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Happy Customer

What You Should Know About Our Happy Customer Program











Happy Customer is Insomis’s patent pending process and intellectual property, designed to help you with customer testimonials and referrals in a seamless matter.

 This program will become an extension of your customer service and can become a powerful referral generator by:

  • Helping you keep up to date on your current clients and their needs
  • Receiving referrals with a follow-up survey for prospective clients
Happy Customer works by:   
  • Dedicating a link (URL) to a special place for your “happy customers”
  • The client then fills out a survey by either logging in with one of the three major social sites,Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter or by proceeding to log in with out a social site
  • After the survey is complete your happy customers testimonial will post on their social site showing friends and family how much they love your agency. There is a specially designed link for prospective happy customers to follow and the process continues.
 All testimonials, with an overall rating of 4/5 stars, will be posted to the clients social site, to your blog and will be used on our Business 360 Review page. We have designed this program to work not just for our property casual clients but for our life and finance clients as well.

If you are looking for a way to keep up a good rapport with your clients and would like to win new business look no further. AOM Happy Customer is just the program for you!


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