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Your Social Media Sites Are Dripping!

Communication is one part of life that will always be. We communicate in ways we don’t realize online. You can: like, share, poke, tweet, @mention, direct message, post, comment, re-tweet, blog, +1, tumble,¬†flicker, Instagram, block, email, update status, invite, group post and many more different ways. Every social site that someone interacts or communicates on your company page causes a notification to be sent to their friends news fees creating dripping effect.

Lets make a hypothetical situation. A blog post gets put on your company Facebook page and the staff of your agency goes there and likes the post. This causes a dripping effect
because the interaction the staff had on your page causes the interaction to be sent to all of that persons friends news feeds, getting more exposure to that post and your Facebook page in the end.

Transformer Marketing - Facebook Share

For more information on how your program is dripping, contact your Transformer Marketing Coordinator today!

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