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Phillip Flores, Supervisor

Phillip Flores

Phillip Flores

Phillip is originally from Kansas City, Missouri and recently married his college sweetheart, Rebecca. Phillip attended Clarke University located in Dubuque, Iowa where he played soccer and majored in Communications with an emphasis in Advertising, Design and Public Relations. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two cats, playing soccer, hiking, hunting, snowboarding and enjoying the beautiful weather Big Bear, CA has to offer. As a recent college grad, Phillip found himself in what was the birth of social media and it was only natural for him to take his talents to the online marketing world. Phillip is the Senior Marketing Specialist for the Transformer Marketing department and works hard to please his members, team and management.

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David Hollenbeck, Coordinator

David Hollenbeck

David Hollenbeck

David has lived in Big Bear City, CA for most of his life. David graduated high school a semester early and is currently attending Everest Universities and is majoring in Computer Science. Before joining the Transformer Marketing team David managed the social sites as well as the website for his father’s painting company. David is also an active member in the community as well as a one of the local food banks here in Big Bear.

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WilliamHard, Social Media Optimizer

Will Hard

William Hard

I have over 25 years of marketing experience. From wholesale to retail, brick and mortar to e-commerce, I have covered the full spectrum of what is out there. I am also a musician who regularly plays and writes music.  I have been partners in a cellular store and a recording studio.  In 2009, an idea came to me. What if I took the last 10 years of “free” marketing I have done with my music and applied it to a regular business? I did not realize it at the time, but now everyone is talking about it and it is called Social Media Marketing or New Media Marketing.  I tested my theory with a few companies and products and was very pleased with the results.  Since then I have been focusing my efforts toward harnessing the power of this new medium.  Mastering Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have become my tasks.  Joining the Transformer Marketing Team at INSOMIS, I have been able to use my skills and hone them further.

I love what I do now and have a true passion and feeling for it.  Helping people achieve their dreams, whether it is a service company, a retail product, a cause or even an artist promo, I take great satisfaction in helping to keep alive the great American dream.

I have many skills and assets that all come into play when tackling any task or problem.  The ability to be creative and really think outside the box coupled with the many years of tried and true experience gives me a great advantage among many in this brand new field.  We are just touching the tip of the iceberg regarding social media, and I intend to be on this frontier for years to come.

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