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Memorial Day Trivia

[ 0 ] May 21, 2014

Spectrum Financial Solutions, NJ, Memorial DayDecoration Day, which is now most commonly known as Memorial Day was first observed on May 5, 1866 by residents of Waterloo, New York. There are some other facts you may not be aware of that surround this national holiday including:

  • Significance of Red Poppy – the red poppy has become a recognized symbol of Memorial Day. However, the origins may surprise you: Poet John McCrae penned “In Flanders Field” on December 8, 1915. This later became the inspiration for the red poppy.
  • Red Poppy Factory – in 1923, the VFW recognized the poppy for the first time and coined the phrase “buddy poppy”. A factory was established in Pittsburgh PA to assemble artificial poppies and they hired veterans who were unable to find work in other areas. Today, the poppies are still assembled by veterans, oftentimes those who are hospitalized. It allows them to earn a small amount of money and also helps raise money for veterans outreach programs by the American Legion as well as the Auxiliary Poppy Program.
  • The three-day weekend – Until 1971, Memorial Day was not an official holiday name until it was changed by federal declaration. Until 1968, Memorial Day was always celebrated on May 30th, it was changed to allow for a three-day weekend when Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.
  • National Moment of Remembrance Act – signed by President William Jefferson Clinton on December 28, 2000 this act designated 3:00pm local time as a national moment of remembrance for all the veterans lost in our wars.

War losses are significant

Since the civil war, we have lost nearly 1.25 million troops in conflicts including more than

  • 600,000 in the civil war
  • 116,000 in World War I
  • 405,000 in World War II
  • 36,000 in Korea
  • 58,000 in Vietnam
  • 4,800 in Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • 3,300 in Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan)

This Memorial Day weekend as we celebrate the unofficial start of summer, take a moment out to thank a veteran for your freedom.

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