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Don’t put Santa in debt this Christmas season

[ 0 ] December 20, 2013 |

Spectrum Financial Solutions, LLC, Christmas presents“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” – Burton Hillis, columnist and author”

It all starts with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and spills over daily through Christmas Day. Shoppers toughing out the crowds, beating down the doors to get the best prices they could get their hands on. You spend your time and money (and sanity) to get everything on your loved ones’ list.

But what happens after Christmas?

The credit card statements start trickling in one by one. All those wonderful things you had purchased for your family need to be paid in full. You silently wonder, ‘Did I go overboard?’ and that little voice in your head says, ‘Nah, did you see their faces?’ And you go on about your day content that you had done the right thing.

The excitements of those gadgets wear off before you have paid off your credit card. This holiday season we have listed a few tips so that you don’t break your bank.

  1. Cut up those credit cards. You will be paying much more than the $18.99 you paid for that doll in the long run. Use your debit card or plain hard cash.  You’ll save yourself the interest rate payment.
  2. Budget…and stick to it! You don’t have to go overboard. Your wallet will feel better in the long run if you say to yourself, “I’m sticking to this budget. Everyone will enjoy what they get.”
  3. BOGO Combo Deals!  I just purchased a pair of much needed winter boots and then I saw the sign, “Buy 1 pair of shoes and get the 2nd pair for $1!”   Needless to say, I took them on their offer. Finding deals like that means you can buy two gifts for one.
  4. Compare prices! There are several shopping apps that you can easily download and do comparison shopping before making any purchases.
  5. Nothing says LOVE like a homemade gift. Get your creativity on and have some fun.  Knit those sweaters, bake that incredible dish, host a huge party, or design a beautiful portrait. Your hard earned time means more to your loved ones than anything your hard earned money can buy.

This Christmas make sure that Santa’s bank is as satisfied as your loved ones are.

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