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A Very Sad Day

[ 0 ] August 28, 2013 |

Spectrum Financial SolutionsEvery so often, life experiences provide perspective on what is truly important.  In our everyday lives, we sometimes forget the basics and focus on creativity, the next great opportunity, retirement and tax planning at the expense of the “here and now”.  Below is an email that I sent to a number of good friends after attending the funeral of a bright, vibrant young man…the son of very good friends.

Maybe we should all take a few minutes from time-to-time to assess the “what ifs” of life.  It’s not painful…it’s not costly…it’s back to basics.

A Very Sad Day


Yesterday, Cathy and I attended the funeral of the son of very close friends.  He was 37, married and had two small children.  He fought an incredibly courageous 18 month battle with colon cancer.  Everyone who knew this young man learned painfully what real strength and character is about.  We, along with his family and friends, are devastated by his passing.


His wife now has the responsibility of being both parents to her children.  I learned yesterday that, beyond savings and equity in their home, there are modest assets to move forward.


When I was younger, I used to speak to clients about the need for life insurance in the same way as I would talk about homeowners insurance or auto insurance…the likelihood of a catastrophic event is small but very real.  With time, business models changed as did priorities and I haven’t mentioned the place of life insurance in securing a young family’s future in years…perhaps I should.


What I want to say to you is speak to your kids about it.  The cost is miniscule but the potential benefit is great.


When I think of our friends and their family, there is no way to make their grief go away…that’s something that, on some level, will stay with them.  I wish that someone had sat down with this young family to discuss the “what ifs” of life…perhaps the future wouldn’t seem quite so onerous and daunting.


Speak to your kids, tell them how much you love them and urge them to secure their financial houses for the future.  I did.




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