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Spectrum Financial Solutions, LLC Attorneys:  With a focus on income, trust and estate tax issues that face our wealthy clients, value can be derived from the broad access to cutting edge inter-disciplinary planning programs that Spectrum has developed or represents.  With over 30 years of experience working alongside innovative authorities on tax, estate and wealth management, another set of eyes and access to proprietary programs, can greatly assist both the attorney and client to arrive at optimum solutions to a variety of planning issues in an efficient manner.

Accountants:  As tax professionals, accountants are frequently asked to opine on programs that their wealthy clients have either heard of or read about.  Spectrum’s goal as relates to accountants is to provide a source of information that will enable them to be more proactive rather than reactive with clients and their global planning priorities.  The briefs created by the blog as well as supporting articles and/or information archived in the Spectrum website can be an efficient method of research as well as create opportunities to provide clients with ideas and concepts that otherwise might not be generally available.

Insurance Agents:  It’s not just death benefits anymore…  The life insurance industry is evolving at an ever quickening pace.  Concepts to be introduced in the Blog may be either breaking developments out of Washington or new programs being introduced by Spectrum and/or affiliated companies that are proprietary, unique and geared to the ultra high net worth marketplace.

Wealth Managers:  At a time when taxation of wealth and income is expanding rapidly with no end in sight, wealth managers search for vehicles that can create the best environment for them to do what they do best…manage funds in the most efficient manner and to provide superior performance.  Relationships that Spectrum has developed over the years can avail the reader of investment opportunities to outperform traditional investment mediums and provide tax efficient structures to invest client assets within.

Family Offices:  The Spectrum blog and website is dedicated to providing information geared primarily to wealthy and ultra high net worth families.  As a source, the blog and its related archives may provide information that will augment the job of integrating wealth through generations of families as well as provide contact points with other professionals that may assist in the implementation of tailored programs that address a myriad of family priorities.

Clients and Individuals:  Oftentimes, our clients have great interest in reading a succinct plain language piece on developing trends and programs that address their investments, developments in Washington and methods to achieve financial goals that may be unique to them.  One of the goals of the Spectrum blog is to keep wealthy clients abreast of legislation that may affect them, programs that may enhance their planning and tax efficient investment concepts.

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