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“As a financial advisor to individuals and families of significant wealth, I have worked with George Klahre on a number of client opportunities over the past 10 years. George consistently delivers valuable insights which assist the client in making informed decisions. He is always well prepared and thoughtful in his approach. Clients enjoy working with George and respect his opinion.”

“We have worked with George on behalf of mutual clients over the past several years. He combines creativity, profound understanding of estate and gift tax laws and of the variety of insurance products to present helpful solutions for clients with complex planning issues.”

“My relationship with George Klahre spans nearly twenty years and I find George to be one of the most thoughtful and intelligent advisors I’ve had the opportunity to work with. He is a tremendous advocate for his clients. He always seeks a deep understanding of both product and planning concepts in an effort to find the most favorable solution to his client’s needs.”

“In my 35 year professional career as a CPA specializing in Personal Financial Planning, I have had the privilege of working with George Klahre. The situations we collaborated on dealt with very sophisticated ultra- high net worth individuals. The primary financial planning objectives which we addressed on behalf of these clients were wealth preservation, asset protection and income tax planning.  I found that George was the consummate professional who always put the achievement of client objectives as the focal point for any solution that he proposed. In his quest for finding the best client solution, George demonstrated flexibility and innovation. Every one of his proposed solutions was specifically tailored to the unique circumstances of the client.
On one specific occasion where George developed a very unique approach to combining charitable giving objectives with wealth preservation, my firm provided technical analysis on the tax consequences of George’s proposal. We found that George’s solution was technically sound , elegant in its simplicity and potentially ground breaking in its application to ultra-high net worth individuals. As to some of George’s other attributes, I found that he is totally honest and trustworthy. He always honored his word in his tireless pursuit of providing distinctive client service. On a personal note, George has an engaging personality, a joy for life and an unwavering commitment to his family and


“Spectrum Financial Solutions, LLC has proven to be a tremendous asset to our practice.  They, and in particular, George Klahre, were a great help in framing our planning and insurance needs to the transition of ownership.  He manged to make partners feel they had received a fair and equitable position and their respective interests were well served.”


“George has a very easy manner as he develops understanding of my situation.  He takes the time necessary to clearly explain and discuss appropriate options for our needs or requirements.  After careful review and managing a competitive bidding process with high quality providers, George presents the needed financial projections and related paperwork.  I have felt very comfortable with his professional guidance and the decisions I make, leaving each project with the strong sense of a friend in my corner”


“George and I have known one another for over 30 years, both as business associates and friends.  We have worked together on mutual client relationships that remain to this day.  In several cases, he has been appointed by clients as a trustee of family trusts, which is a position of great integrity.  George is my “go-to” guy with respect to all matters insurance.  He is not only knowledgeable in the area, but creative in cases where such a strategy is required.  George is honest and trustworthy, which are fundamental to our long relationship and access to my clients for their insurance needs”