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This Blog’s Purpose

George Klahre- Spectrum Financial Solutions, NYWhy are we doing this now? And…What do we hope to achieve?


“If you are a one trick pony, it better be a very good trick”


I was on a plane yesterday morning organizing my day and this thought came to mind.  Whether it is original to me (which I doubt) or not is irrelevant but I do thank the author, who I think probably exists or existed, for a thought that I feel is very applicable today.

On some level, aren’t we all “one trick ponies”?  Those of us in the financial community often times master one discipline, become experts in that field and build careers around that expertise.  While that can be rewarding and, in most cases, leads to lasting and meaningful relationships with our clients, mightn’t we become monochromatic at times and, perhaps, limit our ability to provide global solutions to issues facing our clients in an ever-changing world?

My sense is a resounding YES!

In my career, I have had the good fortune of working with some of the brightest and most creative minds in the legal, accounting, planning, financial advisory and insurance professions.  To a person, those individuals reached the apex of their fields by not limiting their thought process to one discipline.  Their secret, if that’s what it is, is that they have broad knowledge of the myriad alternatives facing their clients and integrate the best of those approaches into cogent plans of action…they have an interdisciplinary world view.

The challenge…time

When we have to plan weeks or months in advance for a lunch date, it is clear that we simply do not have enough time to access information that may potentially make us better at our professions, not to mention improve our personal lives.  I receive, as you do, hundreds of emails each week with the “next great idea”.  I simply don’t have the time (or patience) to read them all, especially when the likely end result is a solve-all-problems product pitch.

What I want and haven’t been able to find is a site that provides snippets of meaningful information that I can review and digest in 5 minutes.  If the content is something that I can use or want more information on, I want a link to pursue the area further.  I want information that is broader than one industry or product.  I want access to the best and brightest professional thought.  And, I want an archive that I can use as a resource for the future.

The Plan

I propose the design and building of a site (do I dare use the word blog?) that will periodically publish a concise, thoughtfully created inter-disciplinary letter aimed at us.  I anticipate input from a variety of guest professionals and encourage you to share your expertise, should you wish to do so.  My hope is that we can develop a nexus of information that will help us all be better at what we do, create better solutions for our clients and do so with a minimum investment of time.

What’s in it for me?

During my 35+ year career, I have morphed from investment advisor to financial planner to what I am today…I design and implement customized, inter-disciplinary life insurance programs for wealthy clients and their advisors.  Should the information contained on the site lead to consideration of a life insurance solution, my colleagues and I would be honored to advise you.

Additionally, the broad base of information that will be published will afford me the opportunity to better advise my clients of alternatives in the marketplace, which may benefit you.

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